Web Project Management

You receive:

  • Senior Web Project Manager:

    • Communication with Slack, Google Chat, Teams, WhatsApp

    • Task Manager with Asana, ClickUp, Jira.

    • Full English - Spanish


  1. For this we have two options:

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    2. Go directly to talk with U.S.!

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Some extra

Our clients usually attach this service with:

3 Reasons to hire a Project Manager

  1. You keep your mind in your core business: we understand that you need to get more clients, also, get focus to everything in your company, sometimes it's hard to delegate the operations management, but keep calm and get Unplug Studio Project Managers do it for you!

  2. Experience: A new Project Manager needs sometime, and a learning curve...our projects managers are senior, they have the experience working with people, the communication and also, we keep going everyday with you!

  3. Tools: We manage a lot of management tools, if you don't what can you use, we can share with you our tools for FREE and add your team to our Communication and Project Management App.